Sunday, October 24, 2010

Repost: The Misery of Toradora!

This parodied image made me laugh, if you've seen the opening of Toradora! you will understand why.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ichinose Kotomi

One of the sweetest characters in the entirety of the series; the irresistable charm of Kotomi is potent. Despite her reputation as a national genius and bookworm she seems to have little reason to be studious, and accompanies fellow friends Furukawa and Okazaki with no apprehension. Her social inadequacies are picked up in the first few episodes of the arc, following a short time she becomes reasonably normal and even on occasions, a little funny. As for her being unintentionally funny (and 'moe' people comment) I may have found the funniest scene in the entire series.


Kotomi's penchant for misunderstandings combined with the relaxed pace of her voice is surely the weapon that will steal many a man's heart. For me it is much admiration that grips - to be a natural genius with a real devotion to book reading and yet be so down to earth, surely that is the wise unision of Taoist contentment with the Modern Age?

She only reacts to 'Kotomi-chan' and soon Okazaki discovers the hidden meaning: spoiler (link will open within 24 hours :P)

Her use of Latin is also alarmingly impressive. Very few Europeans have a basic grasp of it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ibuki Fuko

It is tremendously difficult to separate the soundtrack of Clannad from the theme of Braveheart. The composer must have sat down in his place of composing and found the situation hopeless; "why did I have to watch Braveheart last night?!" he shouts in exasperation. The deadline was looming and he decided that if he was unable to rid Braveheart within the following day or two he would push on nevertheless, regardless of how similar the song would turn out...differing by a couple of notes.

I could be wrong, maybe it was one of those little bouts of inspiration in which you convince yourself that you had suddenly produced a creative piece of genius but later finds that it was the Braveheart theme. The idea is almost offensive but at the very least forgivable - it is an earthly tune that shakes your heart.

Ibuki Fuko of Clannad is a school freshman who from the very outset has a ghostly background that throws a little mysteriousness over her existence. Ordinary in substance and body, the only thing that makes her a little unordinary is her obsession for stars which sends her into a spaced out state while bubbly stars appear over her warmly glowing figure. Coincidentally her spacing out also occurs while being hugged by Fuwakawa, something that was most likely imitated in the all familiar case of Azusa and Yui (K-ON). Always nice to see recycled material.

Despite her somewhat childish demeanor, Ibuki surprisingly makes an observation of Okazaki and Furakawa's closeness and later on encourages them with much joy, to call each other by first name. The scene in which she makes her observation is a plain one but when the two are momentarily alone within sight of Fuko, they distinctly appear to enjoy the friendship they had only recently formed.

Later new developments emerge and the world begins to forget the past: spoiler (up to episode nine)

I didn't start the post on the subject of Ibuki (Braveheart) so I have to finish on a non-Ibuki subject: My impression of the first episode of Clannad was that Okazaki hated the city and had no reason to live amongst the people.

By episode number 2 he is cured. Nothing wrong with the city.