One out of thousands of blogs attempting to do the same thing. The situation is hopeless. Welcome.

AniOrder is produced in the simplest and unprofessional way, this person has no desire to play with CSS or html all his waking life nor attempt journalism.  I should hope that using Blogger is no more disadvantageous than wordpress; afterall where has a book been written and published with the whitest gold leafed paper as its medium?  Only the bible.  I myself am not looking for a mass audience.  If I somehow do achieve such a feat I will make available a book with gold leafed paper titled: 'The New Gospel' or 'His Word is Ani'.

How the name AniOrder came about is as mysterious as what lies at the bottom of the world's oceans; lesser explored than space.  Its origins is often attributed to the Big Brother and it's not 1984.

Each post or 'article' is usually based around specific screenshots, moments or arcs; the article will not go into depth about the story itself; this is best left to the synopsis or even better still, to your viewing the anime itself. There is no intention of explaining the story or plot as everyone has their own interpretations.  But in the case of vague or enigmatic storylines an explanation will often be named in such a way similar to 'The Interpretation of EoE'.  Posts will not be entirely confined to the theme of the blog and for this reason I apologise without remorse.

Unfortunately this blog suffers from 'reposts'. The source of this infection is  The causes of this disease are: unable to write, cannot be bothered to write, drinking, disappearing, alien abduction, evaporating, dying and reincarnating.

The logo of AniOrder is a screenshot of Iizuka Tatsuki 伊井塚龍姫 from the anime Hyakko, or Azure Dragon of the East as derived from her name.  Her character always speaks with honourifics and thus takes on an accent of speech very similar in tone to the British accent.